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Last April 27, the Hawak Kamay team and a few other volunteers drove all the way to Laguna for an enjoyable and truly fulfilling experience where, along with FEED's Ms. Bakker and Forester Reynaldo Lorida, they planted a total of 575 native Philippine tropical trees in the Sierra Madres Mountain Range vicinity as part of the organization's SEEDS4FEED program.

Aside from tree planting, they were able to enjoy their natural surroundings during the short – albeit relaxing – trek to the planting site. After this, Ms. Bakker took the volunteers to FEED's vegetable farm, where they grew organic crops that proved to be as delicious as they looked when the volunteers had some for lunch. Despite there being no running water, the pristine and clean lake made for an equally functional – and even more scenic – alternative.

The experience with SEEDS4FEED proved to be an eye-opener for the participants. In the present day, it's become increasingly important that citizens are aware of environmental issues like climate change. One of the great ways to mitigate these and contribute to the fight against global warming is planting trees, which not only provide shade but also lessen carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Whether it's for a team building exercise or just out of a willingness to save the earth, everyone is welcome to participate in SEEDS4FEED and other amazing events. For future schedules and more environmentally-friendly events like this, check out Hawak Kamay's events calendar. Your next volunteer opportunity is just a click away!

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